Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes! Insanity On Vacation

There are no breaks when doing such a great program!

Shaun T's Insanity is the perfect travel companion too as no equipment is required (except I use pushup bars) and the workouts are short.

SO, for those of you with the mentality of "Hey, I'm on Vacation. I don't need to work out." Well, that's probably when you need it most.

Get Insanity here and make your vacation great! Or get the Deluxe package here with extra workouts and Recovery Drink!

Here's my video podcast on this Insane Vacation!

PT out

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Hassan90X said...

Awesome job perry currently I am mixing p90x one on one and insanity workouts to create a killer hybid is working out pretty well!
ANyway you are doing an awesome job keep at it I just found out about your blog from keiths oh well better late than never. Keep DIggin Deeper man