Monday, August 10, 2009

One Year From Now - A Totally New Body

Often when I was in my 20s and 30s and getting fatter and fatter I had had visions of going away to a fat camp or fitness camp or some sort of retreat where I could live for a year and work hard to totally transform my body and my health. I often pictured the scene as people would barely recognize me and would ask lots of questions or statements like, "What's your secret?" "What Have you been doing" or "Man, you look awesome!"

Well, I never made it to that get away and years passed without any progress in the health arena. Guess what! I kept growing bigger and feeling weak, tired, lethargic, and crumpy. Yep. Me...Grumpy. I was edgy a lot of the time.

Well, as you know I discovered that infomercial that changed my life and didn't need to get away to change my body, health or life. Now I feel energized, happy and look pretty darn fit!

So, I was thinking. We are heading into a new decade. How can I help others with their own "getaway transformation camp" without leaving home?

Easy! Connect with me and let's formulate a plan for one year. I'll coach and motivate you for FREE!

We will break down the entire year into 3 month sections. I have a few tracks in mind. I know everyone has a different fitness personality, but I'll share one here.

Month 1-3 Power 90 / Turbo Jam
Month 4-6 Chalene Extreme
Month 7-9 P90X
Month 10-11 Insanity
Month 12 - Whatever you want. You'll be a whole new person!

Contact me on starting your one-year fitness journey. Also, save on shipping for any of the workout programs listed to save major bucks on shipping. Plus you'll be automatically connected to me for your coach!

You will succeed and the 2010 will be the start of an amazing decade!!

PT out

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