Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach

I have many reasons for becoming a coach. The main one... I wanted to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and experience the amazing changes that I had!

I have been providing free coaching since 2004 with Beachbody and am thoroughly enjoying the relationships and friends I have made along the way. Not to mention all of the success stories I have witnessed.

This video sums up my reasons and features many of my firneds and their success stories.

Enjoy and then Join me!


Pumpkin Pie Shakeology Recipe

From our Beachbody Newsletter this month! Get Shakeology Here!

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Shakeology!

Pumpkin Pie ShakeologyPut a little Halloween cheer into your Shakeology this season. In addition to all the amazing Shakeology ingredients, you'll also get the nutritional benefits of pumpkin, which contains lutein, fiber, and alpha and beta carotene. Plus, the healthy polyphenols in cinnamon help regulate blood sugar levels. You'll get all the taste of pumpkin pie...without turning your butt into a pumpkin.

  • 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
  • 1 cup rice, soy, almond, or low-fat milk (plain or vanilla)
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, unsweetened
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
  • Ice (optional)

Combine all ingredients in blender and combine until smooth. You can substitute pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon and nutmeg or add more pumpkin for a thicker shake. Makes 1 serving.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Nutritional Information (with low-fat milk):

  • Calories: 284
  • Protein: 27 g
  • Fiber: 7 g
  • Carbs: 40 g
  • Fat Total: 3.5 g
  • Saturated Fat: 2 g


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who do you know and love?

Many of you know I started my fitness journey back in April 2003. Since that life-changing 90 day experience with Power 90 I have worked hard to inspire people to take charge of their own health and fitness. I do my best to workout every day and model healthy habits (most of the time). I also reach out to thousands every month through my fitness podcasts.

I am challenging YOU to inspire someone to do the same. A new decade is approaching. Imagine being around those you love who can take on 2010 with renewed energy, life, passion and health! Really... do it now... IMAGINE IT.

OK, now think of at least two people you know and love who could benefit from the life-changing workout programs and products Team Beachbody has.

  • Turn them onto the free tools, contests and support TeamBeachbody has.
  • Ask them to join you for the next 90 days.
  • Have them become a free community member
  • Add that person as a buddy
  • Invite them to log into WOWY (the online super gym)
  • Keep in touch DAILY just for 90 days and note how people change more than just physically!

There's a wide variety of workout program for any fitness personality. There's even a FREE one that can played on the computer - a 25 minute where Tony Horton and Brian (Brian weighs in at 400+ pounds) demonstrate how a person who has a lot of weight to lose can get things moving and start to change their life!

There's your challenge. Inspire two or more people to join you on your fitness journey. You can bet that 2010 will look very different!

It's so impressive how people are making themselves a priority. Please keep being billboards of health and fitness and share with someone you know and love.

PT out

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tag Me! Perry Tinsley’s Power Blast Podcast

“You’re It”

Yep, that simple little phrase from our childhood as we played a game galled tag. Most of the time you didn’t want to be “it” unless you had a crush on someone and wanted to try and tag them!

Tagging has taken on new meanings in the Social Media world and I love being Tagged so I’m it!

You see, back in April of 2007 I started a weekly video podcast, that, at the time seemed to have an endless array of topics. It was intended to share my experiences with P90X and Power 90 as well as poke fun at health and fitness.

Well, sustaining a weekly podcast became more and more of a challenge for one reason or another. Still, the feedback I was getting was quite overwhelming and I make a conscious effort each week to have one ready to go. Challenges always present themselves such as time, topic and tech glitches. Still... the feedback, the “fans!” I do it all for the “fans!” OK, that may be over the top.

Anyway, back to tagging. As I dig more and more into social media sites I have been able to share Power Blast Podcast with even more people. On Facebook I even created a... wait for it... YES... a FAN PAGE!! I get to tag myself once a week. I know. Not the idea. Still, I do have special guests n the show from time to time and plan on tagging others.

So, now the podcast can be found on the Power Blast Fitness web site, iTunes, YouTube and Facebook!

Tag me baby! You’re it!

PT out

Friday, August 21, 2009

Downsizing, Consolidating & Penny Pinching

I’ve been giving “downsizing,” “consolidating,” and “penny pinching” some thought lately. While many people have been recently forced into situations where this is necessary, I think I have been working at these the past few years. Saving money and time is huge! I started looking at those around me to find ideas. So far, I really like what many of us are doing!

When it comes to health and fitness, there is no compromise. None!

Gym memberships that rarely gets used saves big bucks. Plus, I found that I am in better shaped and condition than I ever got at a gym. Probably because I had a good plan and stayed consistent by working out at home with Beachbody DVDs.

Downsizing?? Well, since just about every Beachbody program requires so little space and equipment, it’s easy to have a home gym!

When it comes to eating, don’t give in to those bogus “meal deals” that fast food chains and restaurants lure us into with FREE meals or 2 for one! I mean... sure we save now, but at what cost later?? Really! Think about it! “We need to eat, so let’s eat garbage to save money.” Not a good way to behave.

One way I have seen many save on costs is using the BB Club or Coach discount (10-25%) on products. Those who have value the amazing feeling form that magical shake called Shakeology and given all that’s in there, it’s probably the most bang for the buck when it comes to the BB product catalog! :)

There are so many other perks too when it comes to this amazing company like the FREE tools, FREE online community of friends and FREE online gym and contests to win... yep... FREE MONEY!!

So, I think it’s amazing what all of us have discovered to downsize, consolidate, and penny pinch when it comes to our health and fitness. At least we have that part of our lives burning a little brighter!

Now we need to share with those we love so they can benefit!

PT out

Monday, August 10, 2009

One Year From Now - A Totally New Body

Often when I was in my 20s and 30s and getting fatter and fatter I had had visions of going away to a fat camp or fitness camp or some sort of retreat where I could live for a year and work hard to totally transform my body and my health. I often pictured the scene as people would barely recognize me and would ask lots of questions or statements like, "What's your secret?" "What Have you been doing" or "Man, you look awesome!"

Well, I never made it to that get away and years passed without any progress in the health arena. Guess what! I kept growing bigger and feeling weak, tired, lethargic, and crumpy. Yep. Me...Grumpy. I was edgy a lot of the time.

Well, as you know I discovered that infomercial that changed my life and didn't need to get away to change my body, health or life. Now I feel energized, happy and look pretty darn fit!

So, I was thinking. We are heading into a new decade. How can I help others with their own "getaway transformation camp" without leaving home?

Easy! Connect with me and let's formulate a plan for one year. I'll coach and motivate you for FREE!

We will break down the entire year into 3 month sections. I have a few tracks in mind. I know everyone has a different fitness personality, but I'll share one here.

Month 1-3 Power 90 / Turbo Jam
Month 4-6 Chalene Extreme
Month 7-9 P90X
Month 10-11 Insanity
Month 12 - Whatever you want. You'll be a whole new person!

Contact me on starting your one-year fitness journey. Also, save on shipping for any of the workout programs listed to save major bucks on shipping. Plus you'll be automatically connected to me for your coach!

You will succeed and the 2010 will be the start of an amazing decade!!

PT out

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes! Insanity On Vacation

There are no breaks when doing such a great program!

Shaun T's Insanity is the perfect travel companion too as no equipment is required (except I use pushup bars) and the workouts are short.

SO, for those of you with the mentality of "Hey, I'm on Vacation. I don't need to work out." Well, that's probably when you need it most.

Get Insanity here and make your vacation great! Or get the Deluxe package here with extra workouts and Recovery Drink!

Here's my video podcast on this Insane Vacation!

PT out

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Found Myself Glued Again!

Seven years ago I found myself glued to the TV set watching this infomercial about how I might someday become healthy and fit. Well, we know how that story turned out. I saw a Beachbody video today and that got me thinking about their marketing of amazing products.

I was thinking at how Beachbody infomercials draw you in and make you feel like they are being aired just for YOU! The elements in each broadcast hit on so many levels that I know many identify with; whether it's weight loss, getting fit, living a better life, or just being healthy and happy.

The biggest plus, is that their products deliver on their promise. And then some! You see, not only will a person see results when they follow the programs or use the products, but those results tend to have a positive impact on those around you whether you know it or not. I love that fact and that's why I try to share the love of health and fitness whenever I can.

Back to the video I saw. If you check out the one they did on Shakeology you'll see why I was glued. As I watched, I felt compelled to want to know more and how I can get in on all the benefits from that product. For me, I'm happy to say, I already am.

So, what was the infomercial or advertisement impacted your life? Would love to hear how your life changed and who else it impacted!

Here's the video link. Please share with anyone who could benefit.

PT out


Friday, July 17, 2009

What do I have to prove with Shaun T's Insanity?

I Have to admit it. Since getting a teaser of what this Insanity workout is all about this past March I was not amped up about its release. So, as the year progressed and we got a teaser preview and all the hyp building around it, I still was not excited. I was afraid. I know this workout is not for everyone and will be VERY DEMANDING for anyone who gives it their best. I also know it takes a certain mindset to push through it. There are no modifications. All or nothing with this one.

So, I have the option of just watching from the sidelines while my friends tear themselves apart with this program. I mean, what do I have to provc? I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm 45 years old and heck, I'm not trying to make the Olympic team or the NFL for that matters.

Guess what. I bought it anyway. Call it impulse- In the moment- Gotta have the latest and greatest. Call it whatever. I bought it...within 30 minutes of it being announced!!

Once I clicked the "buy" button. I paced the house waiting and waiting for that darn UPS truck to get here. Everyone else was getting theirs! Where's mine??

It arrived. You know what I did. Nothing. I panicked. Yes I opened it and looked at the impressive packaging. That's it. Maybe I'll try a few of the workouts. Maybe I'll give it a shot next month.

Well, I heard an infomercial was done about Insanity. Someone posted it on YouTube. I watched all there segments last night.

Guess what! I'm starting today. I have everything to prove and it's all me baby! I'm going to see what I'm made of. 60 days... Make it Insane!

Who's with me? Will it be you? Please join me in proving it to ourselves. We can do it!

If you're fit and committed. Get Insanity here! There's even a Deluxe package here with extra workouts and Recovery Drink!

PT out


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Insanity Is Here and Orders Take the Store Site Down!

Just minutes ago Team Beachbody announced the release of Shaun T's Insanity! So many people were blogging and twittering and posting about the news that fans took down the store. I ironic that so many would aready go insane! The store is up and running now. Next post will be on the announcement to get FREE shipping on home direct orders for Shakeology, Shakeology Fiber Boost, and Results & Recovery Drink!

Click here to get Insanity now! Hurry, before the store goes down again!

PT out

One On One with Tony Horton for only One Penny?

I certainly have to say that it is exciting to know a new workout comes to my house every month. The beauty is that I'm always surprised at what Tony has in store! Another beauty is that I can combine these workouts to make a game plan for my usual 30-day block, or just interject them for variety.

According to the web site: "You'll experience the same P90X® intensity in only 20 to 40 minutes per workout." That's the truth. My body is screaming at me today after doing the Plyo/Legs routine from volume one. And guess what! You can buy Volume 1 of One on One with Tony Horton at 50% off! Sweet Deal.

Get all of "last season's" discs for a steal and start Volume 2 for only a penny! I'm liking squat - reach - jumps a whole lot better now! By the way, when you subscribe to Tony Horton's One on One series, you also get a Pay It Forward workout DVD for FREE. This isn't a workout you do yourself. It's one you give to someone who really needs it. A gift of health. Truly in tradition of Pay It Forward! The spirit of what coaching is all about!

So, keep ramping up your workouts with the variety of these muscle building DVDs you can do right at home! bump P90X (or any program) up a notch or two. Subscribe and get Disc One, Volume 2 is only 1¢. It's called Cardio Intervals. You also get the Pay It Forward disc for FREE. Hey! I'll give you the direct link to order right here!

PT out

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shaun Ts Insanity - Hazardous to Your Health ?

Well, the the highly anticipated Shaun T workout called Insanity should be announce in Mid July assuming all planets have aligned. So, I have been gearing up for this mind-blowing workout series. Because I get the Tony Horton One - on - One DVDs that arrive at my mailbox once a month (subscription is only a 1¢ in the month of July), Beachbody throws in bonus DVDs from time to time. Last time we got a free Insanity workout! So, PT has been doing that one once or twice a week while doing the One on Ones.

After literally getting smacked upside the head this morning by Shaun T. it occurred to me that this video series could be dangerous to your health if certain precautions aren't taken. You see, you are going to need a lot of towels and rather absorbent clothing. As I worked out all I notices were pools of sweat collecting on the floor. Pretty rough on the footwork. Good thing I have hardwood flooring and grippy shoes!

So, while this upcoming series is going to no doubt whip me into better shape, I can see the dangers that lie ahead.

Care to live dangerously with me?? Let's get Insane!

PT out

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

In honor of our great country to the north and the amazing friends I have living there (as well as those who will soon be my friends), I would like to wish you all a Happy Canada Day!

I honor your great country with a toast of Chocolate Shakeology and a huge smile in my heart!

And for those Canadian die hard Beachbody fans...thanks for keeping the faith, bringing it to the max, and most of all, for sharing and motivating others around the world to do the same!

PT out

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can't Ignore This One Either!

Oh, take me out to the ball game! Get, my gut full of flab! Buy me this burger and Rolaids cuz I'm gonna fat!

Yeah, you are about to see the new rollout for the 2009 season at this baseball concession stand. Bring on the 4800 calories. I hope they give out ketchup packets!

Obviously this ball park doesn't want any fans next season as they are grilling up a major heart attack inducer!

See video below!

According to a few news articles here's what the president had to say. "We always try to come up with something new and innovative," Whitecaps president Scott Lane said. "We believe it's very important to the overall experience."

Here's what the mlive article had to say on the stats:
Here's what fans can expect from the Fifth Third Burger:

Start with an 8-inch sesame seed bun that requires 1 pound of dough and is made specially for the Whitecaps by Nantucket Baking Co. of Grand Rapids.

Rex Larsen | The Grand Rapids Press
Todd Guyer, food and beverage manager for the West Michigan Whitecaps, adds a layer of Fritos to the Fifth Third Burger.
Spoon on nearly a cup of chili and place five one-third pound hamburger patties on top of that. (Get it, 5/3 pounds of beef for the Fifth Third Burger?)

Add five slices of American cheese and liberal doses of salsa, nacho cheese and Fritos. Top it off with lettuce, tomato and sour cream, and you have a burger that can be sliced with a pizza cutter and feed four people for $20. Jalapenos are optional.

If a single person can consume the entire 4-pound finished product in one sitting, the team plans to give him or her a special T-shirt.

Uh... yeah. Can I go puke now?

PT out


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you kidding me??

Welcome to the summer festival season! Here's what's on the menu to keep us sane, healthy, happy and fit! Tasty Protein!! Yep, add protein to your diet with Chocolate Covered Bacon... On a stick!!

You read right. Chocolate Covered Bacon. This will go well with the deep fried Oreos, greasy french fries and the fat-laden cream puffs at our state fair!

Can I get that Bacon on a stick... and oh, dipped in chocolate, too?

Can't wait to read what my buddy, Keith Harris, has to say on the subject! ;)

PT out

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch my Attempt at Insanity

So, I get this bonus DVD preview with my recent Tony Horton's One on One Disk. I decide to give it a try and it crushes me. Do I walk away all pouty like? NO! I decide to do it again at the end of the week and videotape the entire workout. Yeah, I have some work to do on form, but I am ready to go insane this summer.

You can view the video footage snippets in my latest Power Blast Podcast Episode 113 for Saturday, May 30. This is not an advanced plyo routine as Keith Harris has told me. It's going to turn the cardio interval workout upside down.

If you love marathons, spinning or any other heavy duty cardio routines, then you're going to love the challenge of Insanity coming out in mid June!

Get your free Preview of Insanity here just by subscribing to Tony Horton's One on One! Only subscribers can get the bonus Shaun T DVD.

ALSO, please let me know if you'd like to be emailed the instance
INSANITY is available. Click here to join our community and be in the know!

Here's to your insane health!

PT out

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks Beachbody

This past April 13 marked 6 years since I started my journey to health and fitness. I actually started one year previously when I bought Power 90 of an infomercial at 4:30 in the morning. But I failed miserably as I tried to do the program on my own terms. So, the videos collected dust until I grew another jean size.

Fast forward to today, May 15, 2009 and I am BLOWN AWAY at what I have achieved using Beachbody workouts, supplements and online community support tools.

Last week Beachbody celebrated their 10th year Anniversary. So, I feel I discovered them in their infancy. My how this company has listened to the customer and developed amazing programs and products like
Hip Hop Abs, Slim in Six, P90X, Turbo Jam, Yoga Booty Ballet, Chalean Extreme, Insanity and Shakeology. Each revolutionary in their own special way.

Two of the products mentioned above I have never done. Insanity hasn't yet hit the market and Yogo Booty Ballet just doesn't appeal to my inner Goddess. ;)

That being said, I want to thank all the amazing people at Beachbody and incredible trainers who have made it possible for me to walk with confidence and happiness. Now I am able to help others to adopt a health lifestyle through the
Beachbody Coaching program. This lets someone like me earn a brilliant supplemental income without needing any special certification. All I gotta do is share my story. I proudly do.

Thanks Beachbody and Happy Anniversary!

PT out


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live workouts with Tony Horton

Have you ever wanted to do a live workout with Tony Horton?? I have had the honor to do so 4 times. All great experiences and always a soreness festival! Of course it isn't always possible to book an appointment with The Man. So, the next best thing is to bring Tony into your house on DVD with awesome workouts like Power 90, P90X or even working out mono e mono (mano a mono, to be correct) with Tony himself with his subscription DVD series called One on One with Tony Horton.

You’ve never worked out with Tony Horton like this before. There's no set. Just you with Tony in his own gym! So, go ONE on ONE! Every month, a new workout will be delivered to your door. Plus, get a FREE DVD wallet to hold your new workouts!

And as an X-tra bonus this month (May 2009), they are including an entire DVD from the upcoming Shaun T's Insanity workout. But that's only available to subscribers.

So, get going and work to challenge Tony to keep up while he tries to go One on One with you, you rebel! Subscribe to Tony's One on One Series here.

Need more motivation? Join me and our awesome community and win up to $1000 every day just by working out. That's ANY workout! Just click the Win Up To $1000 button here!

PT out

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got your INSANITY right here!

Crazy times await us all Summer 2009. It's literally going to be INSANE!! Yep, Shaun T has a new workout video coming out from Beachbody and it's not your typical dance workout. You may have already figured it out. It's called INSANITY and will turn the cardio interval workout scene upside down!!

We got a taste of this bad boy workout live with Shaun T in LA back in March 2009 and in 15 minutes I was huffing and puffing and wondering when it was ever going to stop!!

I fear this workout series the same way I feared P90X when it was first released. And that fear is going to drive me to dive in full force into this program. It's a 60 day workout program. The workouts are crazy full blown long-duration hig-intensity cardio intervals with very brief rest periods thrown in. OMG...I have never done any workout like it before.

Insanity is going to be released this summer, but you can get a full taste of an entire workout DVD within a few weeks.

If you currently subscribe to Tony Horton's One on One Series, you will get a free disk from the Insanity program in May. This is not a preview. It is a full complete workout from the 10 or 12 disk set.

WHAT?? Not already getting the amazing workouts with Tony Horton called One on One?? Then subscribe now here and be able to get insanity too! Only subscribers can get the bonus Shaun T DVD.

ALSO, please let me know if you'd like to be emailed the instance
INSANITY is available. Click here to join our community and be in the know!.

Here's to your insane health!

PT out


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Five Years ... BLING IT!

Does time really fly when you're having fun? Well, I know it sure does when you're confusing your muscles. Check that. While it seems like time stands still when you just start a fitness program like P90X, it's amazing how the "quality of life" changes during that time. Once you reach your goals, time seems to fly again because ANYTHING is possible!

P90X came out FIVE years ago and I was one of the original P90Xplorers who took on this crazy fitness journey to get ripped. And it worked!! And you know what?? I continue to do P90X today. I love the variety of workouts and you can't beat the nutrition guide and support tools. Especially the support found with the community at Team Beachbody!!

To this day I swear by this comprehensive, muscle confusing, butt-kicking, Xtreme workout system. I started another round last month and I still get sore and never get bored!

If you want to totally transform and chisel your body and have the determination to commit to 90 days, then please visit my site to order P90X and let's get your going. Another perk?? You get me as a coach to help keep you on track and give the butt kicking you might need from time to time!!

P90X...Bring It! (or BLING IT)

PT out


Sunday, April 19, 2009

PT is IN!

I have to give my "honest" assessment. Shakeology rules! I made a discovery while on a trip to Cabo!!! Making an amazing tasting meal replacement shake. I just made a podcast on how to make a Banana Split Shakeology. You can view this great treat at:


Here's the recipe:

8 oz water (or soy milk or skim milk)
1 ripe banana
2 large frozen strawberries
2 fresh pineapple rings (or chunked pineapple)
1 scoop chocolate shakeology
1 scoop ice