Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Found Myself Glued Again!

Seven years ago I found myself glued to the TV set watching this infomercial about how I might someday become healthy and fit. Well, we know how that story turned out. I saw a Beachbody video today and that got me thinking about their marketing of amazing products.

I was thinking at how Beachbody infomercials draw you in and make you feel like they are being aired just for YOU! The elements in each broadcast hit on so many levels that I know many identify with; whether it's weight loss, getting fit, living a better life, or just being healthy and happy.

The biggest plus, is that their products deliver on their promise. And then some! You see, not only will a person see results when they follow the programs or use the products, but those results tend to have a positive impact on those around you whether you know it or not. I love that fact and that's why I try to share the love of health and fitness whenever I can.

Back to the video I saw. If you check out the one they did on Shakeology you'll see why I was glued. As I watched, I felt compelled to want to know more and how I can get in on all the benefits from that product. For me, I'm happy to say, I already am.

So, what was the infomercial or advertisement impacted your life? Would love to hear how your life changed and who else it impacted!

Here's the video link. Please share with anyone who could benefit.

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