Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One On One with Tony Horton for only One Penny?

I certainly have to say that it is exciting to know a new workout comes to my house every month. The beauty is that I'm always surprised at what Tony has in store! Another beauty is that I can combine these workouts to make a game plan for my usual 30-day block, or just interject them for variety.

According to the web site: "You'll experience the same P90X® intensity in only 20 to 40 minutes per workout." That's the truth. My body is screaming at me today after doing the Plyo/Legs routine from volume one. And guess what! You can buy Volume 1 of One on One with Tony Horton at 50% off! Sweet Deal.

Get all of "last season's" discs for a steal and start Volume 2 for only a penny! I'm liking squat - reach - jumps a whole lot better now! By the way, when you subscribe to Tony Horton's One on One series, you also get a Pay It Forward workout DVD for FREE. This isn't a workout you do yourself. It's one you give to someone who really needs it. A gift of health. Truly in tradition of Pay It Forward! The spirit of what coaching is all about!

So, keep ramping up your workouts with the variety of these muscle building DVDs you can do right at home! bump P90X (or any program) up a notch or two. Subscribe and get Disc One, Volume 2 is only 1¢. It's called Cardio Intervals. You also get the Pay It Forward disc for FREE. Hey! I'll give you the direct link to order right here!

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