Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shaun Ts Insanity - Hazardous to Your Health ?

Well, the the highly anticipated Shaun T workout called Insanity should be announce in Mid July assuming all planets have aligned. So, I have been gearing up for this mind-blowing workout series. Because I get the Tony Horton One - on - One DVDs that arrive at my mailbox once a month (subscription is only a 1¢ in the month of July), Beachbody throws in bonus DVDs from time to time. Last time we got a free Insanity workout! So, PT has been doing that one once or twice a week while doing the One on Ones.

After literally getting smacked upside the head this morning by Shaun T. it occurred to me that this video series could be dangerous to your health if certain precautions aren't taken. You see, you are going to need a lot of towels and rather absorbent clothing. As I worked out all I notices were pools of sweat collecting on the floor. Pretty rough on the footwork. Good thing I have hardwood flooring and grippy shoes!

So, while this upcoming series is going to no doubt whip me into better shape, I can see the dangers that lie ahead.

Care to live dangerously with me?? Let's get Insane!

PT out

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Benny said...

Yeah Man!! I watched the Podcast!! the name says it all! It looks insane!!! cant wait to start it