Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch my Attempt at Insanity

So, I get this bonus DVD preview with my recent Tony Horton's One on One Disk. I decide to give it a try and it crushes me. Do I walk away all pouty like? NO! I decide to do it again at the end of the week and videotape the entire workout. Yeah, I have some work to do on form, but I am ready to go insane this summer.

You can view the video footage snippets in my latest Power Blast Podcast Episode 113 for Saturday, May 30. This is not an advanced plyo routine as Keith Harris has told me. It's going to turn the cardio interval workout upside down.

If you love marathons, spinning or any other heavy duty cardio routines, then you're going to love the challenge of Insanity coming out in mid June!

Get your free Preview of Insanity here just by subscribing to Tony Horton's One on One! Only subscribers can get the bonus Shaun T DVD.

ALSO, please let me know if you'd like to be emailed the instance
INSANITY is available. Click here to join our community and be in the know!

Here's to your insane health!

PT out

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